The following books are available to be purchased at the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore:

  • G. Lock and Z. Stancic (eds.), Archaeology and Geographical Information Systems: A European Perspective, London 1995
  • K. L. Westcott and R. Joe Brandon, Practical Applications of GIS for Archaeologists: A Predictive Modeling Toolkit, London 2000
  • D. Wheatley and M Gillings, Spatial Technology and Archaeology: The Archaeological Applications of GIS, London 2002

Attendance is class and student discussion will be expected. Grading will be based on the completion of exercises and assignments and on readings and written discussions. The term project will be to submit a research project proposal that utilizes GIS, and to complete some portion of the GIS component.

January 13

  • Introduction

January 20

  • No class MLK Day

January 27

  • Introduction to AutoCAD

February 3

  • AutoCAD, Roman Bath Drawing

February 10

  • Introduction to ArcGIS

February 17


February 24

ArcGIS, Readings for March 3:

  • Using ArcCatalog; Chapters 1-2
  • Using ArcMap; Chapters 1-5 [10-13]
  • Editing in ArcMap; Chapters 1-2
  • Building a Geodatabase; Chapters 1-2
  • Using ArcToolBox; Chapters 1-2
  • Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst; Chapters 1-2
  • Using ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst; Chapters 1-3
  • Skim: Understanding Map Projections; Chapters 1-4

March 3

  • ArcGIS Extensions

March 10


March 17

Topic: Introduction to Archaeological GIS: Data collection and Preparation

  • Gaffney and Stancic
  • GIS Approaches to Regional Analysis: A Case Study of the Island of Hvar, Ljubljana, 1991.
  • Wheatley and Gillings, Spatial Technology and Archaeology, London, 2002, Chapter 1.

March 24

Topic: GIS Project preparation

  • Wheatley and Gillings, Chapters 2-3; Lock and Stancic, Chapter 15.


Assignment: *Oral Project Summary (5 minutes); one page summary to hand in.

March 31

Topic: Spatial Data and Visualization

  • Wheatley and Gillings, Chapters 4-5; Lock and Stancic, Chapters 14,16.


April 7

Topic: Spatial Analysis

  • Wheatley and Gillings, Chapters 6-7; Lock and Stancic, Chapter5.


April 14

Topic: Historical Sites and Analysis

  • Wheatley and Gillings, Chapters 8, 10; Lock and Stancic, Chapters 17,20.


April 21

Topic: Predictive Modeling

  • Wheatley and Gillings, Chapters 11-12; Westcott and Brandon, Chapters 3,9.


April 28

Presentation: *Final Project Summary (5-10 minutes)